HS2 Impact on West Midlands Economy

by Jeremy on 10-Feb-2011

The Transport Minister, Philip Hammond, and a small number of businesses with vested interests in HS2 claim it will have a major positive effect on the prosperity of the West Midlands.  However, the number of credible reports which suggest otherwise is continuing to grow.  It is more likely that HS2 will lose the West Midlands region vital service employment to London and the South East, indigenous economic growth will be attracted to areas in the vicinity of the new Birmingham HSR stations at the expense of such places as Coventry, the Black Country, Stoke on Trent, Telford, Shrewsbury, etc. and these locations will also see their economic competitiveness worsen as a result of further deterioration in local rail services.  Read the latest summary at: http://hs2theregionalimpact.wordpress.com/

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