HS2 Leads to Cuts, RP2 Leads to Improvement

by Jeremy on 27-Apr-2011

Rail Package 2, a viable alternative to HS2, could deliver a 135% improvement in the capacity of the existing West Coast Main Line and speed up its services.  Although RP2 details were published before HS2 was announced the government never released the fact that RP2 had a better business case when compared with HS2, and cost far less. 

The Northern Hub project, another plan announced before HS2, aims to revolutionise trans-Pennine rail with high-speed, non-stop services connecting the big cities across the North.  It will also increase and improve existing stopping services between those cities. 

Neither was mentioned in the original HS2 documents although a single reference to the Northern Hub has been quietly slipped into the consultation document.  Read our press release issued earlier this month.

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