HS2 Parliamentary Debate – This Week!!

by Jeremy on 09-Oct-2011

On Thursday of this week (Thursday 13 October 2011) MPs will be holding a parliamentary debate on HS2.

Police permission has been obtained for those opposing HS2 to gather in Old Palace Yard outside the Houses of Parliament. If you have any time available on Thursday please do get along there to demonstrate the strength of feeling against HS2 and show that there are lots of informed people who are unconvinced by the misleading information put out by the DfT about HS2.

The meeting at Old Palace Yard starts from 10.30, although we do not know what time the debate will actually start – any time you can spare would be valuable. The media should be attending so bring along SHOPHS2 T-shirts and placards if you can.

If it is not possible for you to attend the event please at least contact your MP before the 13th to ensure they know you oppose HS2, and encourage them to represent your views in the debate.

A summary of the real facts, as opposed to the DfT’s misleading information, has been assembled by the Federation Against HS2 and sent to all MPs. Click here to view it.

You should also view the briefing note sent out by the 51M Group, a group of County and District Councils by clicking here.

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