HS2 debate in Parliament on Thursday

by Jeremy on 11-Oct-2011

Forwarded message from Joe Rukin


“Hello HS2 Friends and Supporters

This week we are getting lots of press coverage about HS2 and we need to maximise it.  I have spent most of Monday on the phone to press outlets, not only ‘our’ ones who haven’t done much for months, but the longest interview I did today was to ‘Pulse FM’; if someone wants to look up which part of Yorkshire that’s in please do, but the active word there is ‘Yorkshire’.  Bottom line is we are on the cusp of coverage we haven’t seen for a long while, attention we haven’t seen for a long while, and we have to deliver punches after. I may be asking you simply to be a face  in the crowd, but we need a crowd to start off with. 
So, we need a good turnout at Old Palace Yard -opposite the House of Commons- from 10.30 on Thursday, but the key time is most likely 12-2. Old Palace Yard (opposite St Stephens entrance to Parliament on Abbington St is booked until 6). The timetable is down to the parliamentary timetable it may well be that the debate gets pushed back late it the riots one before it goes on too long. We have no idea. Therefore, intermix being there with green carding, which is explained below, but if you are someone from a different (non HS2) constituency that would be good, especially on this day.
After that you can go into Parliament an attempt to see the debate – if it happens.
HOWEVER- something else you can do is go to the main lobby, go to the main desk and ask to ‘Green Card’ your MP. Basically, you get given a green card, fill it in with why want to see them and even if they don’t respond to what is effectively paging them, them get the fact you where there.

Please remember if anyone is asked about their locality and the impact of HS2 to quickly dismiss that: “That’s what got people interested in reading the plans, and when we did we quickly realised…..” You must know how to end that sentence by now. The clue is printed on all Stop HS2 literature! Core message, plus consultation was an affront on democracy. You know all this stuff!


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