Thinking Along the Same Lines

by Jeremy on 04-Jan-2012

Does Britain need super high speed trains? Should it build a railway which initially links just London and Birmingham, Britain’s two richest cities? Is the current HS2 plan a big mistake? Well, before the Government commits the biggest folly ever made by a British government on a major transport development perhaps it should read and digest the report published shortly before Christmas by the the Bow Group called, ‘Winning the Consensus on High Speed Rail’. In it they clearly call on the Conservative party in general, and the Government in particular, to stop supporting the current HS2 plan and instead back a slower (‘normal’ high speed) railway with much more access (more stations) designed as part of an overall transport strategy for the future. Read what the VoxOpp press Release says on the subject and from there what the Bow Group has to say about HS2 and about an alternative scheme with a striking resemblance to that which the Conservative party included in its manifesto in early 2010, on which they were voted into government.

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