Andrew in Wonderland

by Jeremy on 23-Mar-2012

Professor Andrew McNaughton, the chief engineer of High Speed 2, is promoting his dream, preaching that sophisticated signalling and dedicated ‘acceleration lanes’ could allow up to to 30 trains an hour to run on HS2, 12 more than the current maximum envisaged of 18.

In an evangelical styled speech which he titles ‘Designing High Speed Rail for Britain’ he declares that he sees the future as being based on the use of dedicated Very High Speed Trains rather than compromise rolling stock like Eurostar. He explains that Alstom AGV with a maximum design speed of 350km/h, on which HS2 operations are modelled, could accelerate to 200km/h in 8km, and to 300km/h in another 5km and that Britain could build 14 kilometre acceleration lanes in order to merge trains which stopped at, say, Birmingham to accelerate up to maximum speed before rejoining the other ‘traffic’ on the high speed lines.

Relishing his ambitions to enter into a ‘train race’ with other countries, Andrew McNaughton adds that Bombardier has been commissioned by the Italian State Railway to develop a 400km/h Very High Speed Train, while the Russians are looking at 500km/h. Referring to the plans for HS2 he adds that London is the “only true metropolis in Europe”.

Birmingham – you have been warned. Read it all here.

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