What the British Think of HS2

by Jeremy on 03-Dec-2013

Patrick McLoughlin, the Transport Secretary who only a month ago claimed that the proposed HS2 £50 billion high speed railway which will run from London to the North was, “one of the most potentially beneficial infrastructure projects on the planet” has failed to convince the public that the project will be anything but a failure.

A Telegraph/ICM survey has found that only 3 per cent of voters believe that what must be the world’s most expensive expensive high-speed train will be delivered on time and on budget. Further, while more people agreed that links between London and the north needed improvement than disagreed, only 12% thought that HS2 was the best way to provide it.

The building of the proposed railway through rural regions will also wreak a terrible price as it carves through the countryside, and this is just in phase 1. If you have not already done so read about Britain’s views and the environmental price the British will pay for the government’s flagship vanity project in an Andrew Gilligan and Tim Ross article in the Sunday Telegraph.

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