So much for Democracy – Coalition Suppresses Information on HS2

by Jeremy on 17-Dec-2013

It is hard not to conclude that the coalition is suppressing information in order to preserve its grand design, says the Sunday Telegraph. Read why in the full story.

What is the coalition trying to suppress? Again, read more details in the Sunday Telegraph.

The “convinced MPs” now persistently claim that HS2 is “essential for the UK” but like all their previous arguments they never support this woolly mantra with any fact-based evidence. They support a project of this scale apparently regardless of the fact that the plans did not even include that most fundamental requirement, a critical path. They buy into unsubstantiated claims that because rail use has been increasing for some years past it will continue to increase at the same rate for the next few decades. Figures released for last year now demonstrate that this is certainly not the case. And when have they ever published any information supporting their claim for the economic benefits of HS2? They say this is not possible and point to equally woolly reports, for which they have paid through the nose, as support. The reality is that if they genuinely believe all this they are decades behind the times. The requirement for fact-based evidence is now a given in real world planning.

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