Government ministers sat on critical DfT report

by Jeremy on 07-Jan-2014

Just a few weeks ago we had the farcical situation of a report produced by KPMG for the government being flaunted by the Secretary of State for Transport as justification for HS2 despite the report’s containing bold as brass admissions by the writers that there was no factual basis for the conclusions in their report. In Sunday’s Telegraph, Andrew Gilligan has now revealed that the DfT deliberately sat on another report on the economic case for HS2 by Tom Worsley, the man who developed the DfT’s own transport modelling. This report criticised KPMG and its method directly and by name, saying it produced “implausibly high” estimates of the effect of high-speed rail projects on the economy. However, even though the Worsley report reached McCoughlin before the KPMG report it obviously did not say what the Secretary of State for Transport wanted to read and was not published until some seven weeks after he had spent much of his time lauding the content of the valueless KPMG report.

Andrew Gilligan’s article additionally covers a long list of so many of the false and easily demolished arguments which the government has put forward in its efforts to justify the incredibly costly but clearly unsupportable case for HS2. Read the shocking article in full here.

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