Spin at the Speed of Sound


One of the questions always asked on HS2 is, “how noisy will it be?”.   Even with all the landscaping allegedly being used for HS2, the biggest intrusion will be the noise from the railway’s operation. (We recommend a view of the CPRE’s excellent website on HS2 impacts here: http://hs2maps.com/) For such a sensitive and […]

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Community Forum Breakdown – letter to MP


Community Forums were introduced by HS2 Ltd. and, cccording to HS2, they “involve representatives from communities and HS2 Ltd, who meet to: discuss potential ways to avoid and mitigate the environmental impacts of the route, such as screening views of the railway, managing noise and reinstating highways; highlight local priorities for the route design; and identify […]

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HS2s Hard Evidence?


For some days now the Secretary for Transport, Patrick McLoughlin, has been pushing a newly published report by KPMG, commissioned by HS2, as providing the “hard evidence” needed to convince sceptics of the value of the scheme, An article a few days ago in the Daily Mail, though, points up the bald fact that KPMG […]

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So HS2 wasn’t really about increasing prosperity in the North after all


The FT published an article online yesterday (Friday 6 September) in which Nick Clegg was quoted as saying that London’s status as “an economic global powerhouse” would be put at risk without the High Speed 2 rail scheme. He went on to say that the HS2 regional infrastructure project would provide “space for growth” in the capital and added […]

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HS2: Reports of its Demise Greatly Exaggerated


Despite the rumour-machine making a big deal out of the HS2 Hybrid Bill not appearing in today’s Queen’s Speech, sadly the White Elephant is still lumbering on.  The Bill remains scheduled for 2013, as it has been for some time. While we can look forward to the Environmental Impact Study and to a number of […]

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Andrew in Wonderland


Professor Andrew McNaughton, the chief engineer of High Speed 2, is promoting his dream, preaching that sophisticated signalling and dedicated ‘acceleration lanes’ could allow up to to 30 trains an hour to run on HS2, 12 more than the current maximum envisaged of 18. In an evangelical styled speech which he titles ‘Designing High Speed […]

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VoxOpp Active on Compensation and Mitigation


In the past week VoxOpp has been exceptionally busy, arranging and taking part in two large events, a grass roots workshop and a large open meeting. The first, on Saturday third March, took the form of a workshop which VoxOpp organised to gather views, concerns and suggestions for solutions on compensation issues from the grass roots to be […]

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What Responsibilities and Rights?


Two online articles from the Telegraph and Guardian today deal respectively with some of the realities of the possibility of compensation for HS2 and the government’s dismissive attitude to the financial damage that is caused by some of its decisions to people affected – unless the numbers of people affected are big enough to give it concern about its own political future. The […]

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What the Government says


Read the announcement made by Justine Greening, the transport secretary, on 10 January about her decision to go ahead with HS2 almost entirely in accordance with the current plan. The full report can also be accessed. Although there are a number of minor changes in the detailed plan regarding the precise route, the two biggest […]

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Thinking Along the Same Lines


Does Britain need super high speed trains? Should it build a railway which initially links just London and Birmingham, Britain’s two richest cities? Is the current HS2 plan a big mistake? Well, before the Government commits the biggest folly ever made by a British government on a major transport development perhaps it should read and digest […]

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