New Alternative View on HS2


The shadow transport secretary, Maria Eagle, has put forward an alternative route for the south end of HS2, the proposed £32bn high-speed rail line, which will initially link just London and Birmingham. In a speech made to the Airport Operators Association on Monday 31 October  she said, “It seems mad not to take your high speed train […]

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Parliamentary Debate on HS2


In a debate on HS2 which took place in the House of Commons on Thursday 13 October, Tony Baldry, Conservative MP for North Oxfordshire, gave an excellent address which raised a number of important questions which should be considered before any further decisions could be taken on the HS2 project. His full address can be […]

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HS2 debate in Parliament on Thursday


Forwarded message from Joe Rukin PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN “Hello HS2 Friends and Supporters This week we are getting lots of press coverage about HS2 and we need to maximise it.  I have spent most of Monday on the phone to press outlets, not only ‘our’ ones who haven’t done much for months, but […]

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HS2 Parliamentary Debate – This Week!!


On Thursday of this week (Thursday 13 October 2011) MPs will be holding a parliamentary debate on HS2. Police permission has been obtained for those opposing HS2 to gather in Old Palace Yard outside the Houses of Parliament. If you have any time available on Thursday please do get along there to demonstrate the strength […]

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Oxfordshire County Council Opposes HS2


We were pleased to learn two days ago that Oxfordshire County Council has announced that it opposes HS2. Councillor Rodney Rose, OCCs Cabinet Member for Transport said that, “Although the proposed route only clips the northern extremity of Oxfordshire at Finmere it is still legitimate for the county council to have a view on this proposal. Oxfordshire […]

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VoxOpp Submission to HS2 Consultation


The VoxOpp submission to the DfTs HS2 Consultation process was completed and submitted a few days before the close-down date. You can read it here.

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CherwellDistrict Council Opposes HS2


Cherwell District Council has issued a flyer outlining their opposition to HS2.   If you don’t have a copy – read it here.

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Institute of Economic Affairs rips HS2 apart


The Institute of Economic Affairs has today published its paper on HS2, tellingly calling it “High Speed 2: the next government project disaster?”. The product of research by Kyn Aizlewood and Dr Richard Wellings, the paper demolishes the business case for the hugely expensive HS2 project, calling into question its supposed regenerative effects and green credentials. […]

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Opposed to HS2? Then Do This


For those of you who wish to respond to the DfT consultation on HS2, but feel you do not have enough information at your fingertips, help is at hand. The South Northants Action Group website now features two concise summaries, one of which gives you a comprehensive overview of HS2 while the other shows you the invalidities […]

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Whose Trains, Whose Jobs


The government has promised that HS2 will deliver “wider economic benefits”, although they have also said that these are “unquantifiable”. The story so far, though, does not look at all convincing. Aside from the fact that the government’s spending cuts are likely to cut half a million jobs over a four year period anyway, many of […]

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